Buddy Holly to Bruno Mars: you’ll never guess what Seth Pause is gonna play next. He unveils the heart of the song with just guitar and vocal. Formerly the lead singer/guitar/keys for One Minute Revolution, keys/guitar for Music Versus the Heart, and drummer/keys for En Vietnam, Seth has laid melodic ground all over Orlando for nearly twenty years and counting. Personal influences range anywhere from U2 to The Afghan Whigs and then some. His passion is what drives him as an artist. ”

My Story

"Wanna sing for us at the school talent show?"  That was the question that kickstarted what would become a lifelong career in music for Seth Pause.  First receiving noteworthy acclaim with the band Clove from 1995-1998, the band quickly struck a chord with XL 106.7 and Real Radio 104.1's local spotlights.  The band released two albums with its heavy power trio sound in the vein of Helmet and The Smashing Pumpkins and disbanded shortly there after.  In 1999 Seth began working with other local musicians where they would form One Minute Revolution (OMR).
            OMR was met with interest by those who loved the sound of bands like Sunny Day Real Estate and The Get Up Kids.  They first recorded a four song e.p. at The Dungeon in Miami with engineer Joe Williams.  A series of shows would follow at venues like Will’s Pub, DIY Records, Back Booth, The Purple Porpoise, Common Grounds, and Sapphire Supper Club.  Rollin’s College radio station WPRK invited OMR to perform live on the air between various show dates.  The band agreed and in return won a great deal of exposure.  After playing out a good amount in Orlando and breaking ground in Daytona and Gainesville, it was time to record again.  OMR recorded “Back to You” for an AXIS magazine compilation sponsored by WJRR 101.1, and entered a band competition against other Orlando based rock bands called Sunday Night Mass.  One Minute Revolution was one of the three finalists out of forty bands and went on to play the winning ceremony in September 2001 at the House of Blues.   
            Despite newly found success, the band’s future was uncertain as other members were interested in seeking other musical endeavors.  This left Seth to fill in the musical gaps just in time for the House of Blues show.  On September 15th, 2001 at the House of Blues, an all new lineup took the stage to the point where it seemed unlikely to carry on with the name One Minute Revolution as everyone involved slipped away.  Seth then went on to form The Underline. With it's pop sensibilty and rock appeal of bands like The Beatles, Jimmy Eat World, and Nirvana they would frequent the Orlando rock scene from 2002-2004. When The Underline was over, Seth began furiously writing for a new project.  The band decided that since two of the core members were still playing together, it would be in their best interest to revive the OMR name.  Seth also began playing keys/guitar in a band called Music Versus the Heart from 2006-2008, so he figured it would be ideal to incorporate the keys into the newer OMR sound.  The trio began work on their first full length album in 2005.  This would be Seth's first full album recording effort in over ten years since Clove.  One Minute Revolution celebrated the release of their debut self titled album OMR in 2006 with just over fifty minutes of thematic, catchy rock.  OMR reprised the post-hardcore sounds of bands like Far and Helmet, while paying respects to the melodic touch of U2 and Sunny Day Real Estate.  They were eager to start playing out again.  
           The band then began a series of live shows that would promote the self-produced album.  They later took part in the writing process of what would become OMR’s second full length record, a concept album, tentatively titled The Collapse, which was also to include a six track recording session referred to as The Red ep, which unfortunately was never to be released. The OMR sound towards the end was a world where the rhythm of Quicksand and the melody of The Smashing Pumpkins channeled the vocals of Jeremy Enigk. 
            In 2010 Seth decided it was time to wrap the OMR gig up for good and take some time to start focusing on a career doing acoustic covers for a living.  After a year or two of cover work, Seth was itching to get back into the band scene when he began working on a solo album where he would write, perform, record, produce, and help mix all the parts on that record.  This brought to life the debut self-titled Seth Pause in 2012.  With its eclectic mix of comparisons to anything from The Afghan Whigs to Depeche Mode, it was all over the place musically, unleashing a free spirit of no boundary recording.  Seth held the cd release party at The Haven in June 2012. Seth also played drums/keys for local sludge doom metal band En Vietnam from 2011-2014, recording a full length album Of Bleeding War in 2013 and a split Deleted Existance in 2014 with the group. He left the band in November 2014.  Since then Seth's performances have been mainly sticking to his work in the acoustic cover field, but he's back writing and recording on a regular basis.  The current focus brings forth the power trio sound of Clove with a larger focus on the heavier spectrum of Seth's songwriting.  And while there are currently no plans on releasing another album, new tracks are always in the works. Look for Seth acoustically and catch him live with the band.


                                                                                                              Thank you's...

          I'm thanking anyone who changed me in any way whether past, present, future, anyone ...  So thank you Mom and Dad, Darla Pause, James Boyd, Cory Plouf, Andy Weeks, Danny Hall, Gust Nicholson Jr., Rocky Baron, Gary Ware, Rashad Broomfield, Omar Surillo, John Fisher, Josh Skirvin, David Bynes, Matt Caron, Chris Green, Luigi Folgore, Joseph Folgore, Paul Carlson, MacKenzie Pause-Hurley, Rob Gnarly, Maccabee Kelem, Nick Sweeney, Andy Benton, Clint Fanney, Jared Silver, Steve Purdy, Jason Burrows, and Jason Zagorski. Everyone I have listed here has made a contribution big or small that has shaped me into who I am today and the musician who I have become. I will forever appreciate whatever role you played in my life to get me here. Thank you.